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What is Archival Ink

My love and passion for music is what started my on going Archival Ink project in 2005. At that time I was photographing a lot of hard rock bands and most of  the members were covered with tattoos. One day I asked the singer of a band call A Farewell Fire if he would mine coming in to the studio so I could photograph his tattoos. Knowing how much he admired art I knew he would say yes.

I have always had a fascination for all types of art, but the ancient art of imbedding ink in to human skin interested me more then any other. It was not so much that someone would alter there body to the point of no return, but more so the story behind the tattoo.  A good portion of people getting tattooed wanted to tell a story of a part of there life.  Weather it was to morn the death of someone very closer to them or to celebrate the life of their newly born child, whatever their reason was they wanted to permanently document a part of there life on their body.

Before I set up a session I like to get the details of the thought process that went into determining what they wanted a tattooed and where on their body they wanted to put it.  It helps me along in the process of planning the shoot.

Being as most tattoos are on the chest or arms I try to not have any clothing on my subjects, as to focus all the attention on the tattoo. It can be a very fine line between fine art and erotic photography so I make sure to never show any parts that should not be seen or have any type of facial expression that may imply a sexual demeanor. This is a project that will never come to an end.  I hope at some point to make a book of all the images.